Southwestern Portland Cement (Pt 5)

I stopped by for quick look around the outer perimeter:

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The walk around the front silo takes you through a grassy area to a couple of buildings that are almost completely demolished.  Little remains of the building closest to the railroad tracks.


The destruction in this area is more mechanical than from the ravages of time.  Next to it is a larger building that has a large section opened up.

All opened up

These two buildings were not safe to enter so I rounded around the front and back into complex interior to see if anything was different.

Front entrance

After passing under the offices I went back into the 3 story building, in the process spooking off four of the largest pigeons I have ever seen. I noticed something comical on the electrical panel that I hadn’t noticed before:

Sense? This makes none.

I had a flashlight with me this time but didn’t have the time to go into the offices.  I want to get in there soon before it gets cold.  I’ll have less of a chance of crossing somebody who might be using it as shelter.

1 stack down
One stack down

Interesting side note, in the ongoing Asarco demolition, the smallest stack above was just demolished on Tuesday afternoon.  The channel 9 news had video and made mention that the remaining two stacks are scheduled for demo in February.

Full Flickr set here: Southwestern Portland Cement 5