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Todays Special

Today’s Special – Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
John Rust/ Patty Rust 2015

I recently collaborated with my mom, Patty Rust on a painting for entry into a show at the Hal Marcus Gallery.  We were accepted, so you will be able to see our painting at the opening of “All You Can Eat” on March 26 through May 22:

March 26 - May 22
Hal Marcus Gallery March 26 – May 22

New Untitled Airplane Painting

I’m two days into a new painting and its coming along quick.  It’s smaller than I’m used to working with, but the advantage here is speed.

Over the last few years, I have shot a ton of photos.  Usually I try to work several together into my large collage style paintings.  After browsing through my sets on Flickr, I kind of felt that many should be interesting little character sketches in their own right.  I’m once again going to try something I don’t normally do, and work on these little pieces concurrently with my larger pieces.

Here we go off into uncharted territory, so I think it’s fitting that I start with a plane that was out at the War Eagles Museum.