Las Cruces British Car Days

Saturday proved to be great day to get out for a drive.  We tagged along with a group of MINI minions from EpMinis for a drive down Highway 28 to Las Cruces.  Along the way we stopped at Johnny Lolita’s in La Union for some excellent coffee and drinks.

Once we were good and caffeinated we motored down 28 through the pecan groves into Las Cruces to check out the annual British Car Days show downtown.  The event was on Saturday which coincided with the big street market so there was quite a gathering.  Parking was going to be a pain but we lucked out, an event organizer allowed us to park on the side street next to the show. Score!

There were a tone of neato rides ranging from MGBs, Jaguars and of course some classic Minis

After taking it all in we were off to lunch at Farley’s.  The weather held the entire run and everybody had a good time.  You can view some of my favorites from the show here on my Flickr feed:

Las Cruces British Car Days

Art Windows of El Paso


I picked up the mailer cards for an upcoming show that I and Artist Maritza Jauregui-Neely will be part of at the airport’s Art Windows of El Paso.  Our paintings will be on display from April 29th through July 26th. If you are flying in and out of El Paso during this time be sure to check them out!

There will be an opening Tuesday, May 7th at 2:00 PM, so if you have some time feel free to stop by.

El Bugo!

Rudolph Volkswagen hosted this years El Bugo event.  The show consists of a ton of classic and current VWs and was well attended.  Some of the unique rides included various Buses, GTIs, Beetles and every Thing in between.  There were even a few custom baja bugs:

It was a eclectic mix for sure, with even the versatile T2 truck well represented:

   The weather was perfect and I hope that El Bugo will continue and only get bigger.  Who knows, I might even have an entrant someday:)


View the whole set on flickr, here!