2 thoughts on “Give Me Fallout Shelter”

  1. Dig your blog. OK in support I have a go to site for you. The inside of the silos Aerosol art gallery established by El Paso legend street muralist/ public artist Grave Herrera. Not to be confused with Vandal or tagger. This Guy did a lot for his community, at risk youth and what is now a hip public art seen. He is a staple in El Paso arts. Grave’s mission was to help feed homeless folks using aerosol art. In the coarse of 4 successful yearly shows he raised over 5 tons of food items and dry goods for the El Paso rescue mission. Not to mention established Four blocks of public legal art space for all artist to now share their talent in an open air forum. El paso’s first ever public paint park. One of the largest in the country at that. Open 247/365 days a year to work on and view. He brought artist, businesses and community together while raising goofs for families and homeless folks without any financial support from Macad or corporate sponsors. The silos are located next to rescue mission off paisano at 1949 ruhlen court. They will be turned into a climbing gym. The small gate in alley is unlocked and have access to inside to view and photograph results of work done at last show. This will ne your only chance to capture amazing work before its gone forever. It is an amazing El Paso secret and goes well for this blog. The other location lives on its at fourth and cotton or Delta and third warehouse area in segundo barrio. This is another amazing place in El Paso set up by grave called the grave yard border bloc public art paint park. Legal area set up for artist under permit and sponsored by four local business associations with the help of grave to better our city and community. Enjoy. Look foward to seeing the posted results and comments on these hidden El Paso public art gems. Safely grave has moved on but his legacy of goodwill through public art shines on!

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