More Outdoor Public Art

I’ve been helping set up at the Downtown Art Market and after finishing up I headed out to get some pics of some outdoor art around the area.

First up is a piece by EXIST1981. Its tucked behind a building off of San Antonio Avenue:

The Mandala Mural was created in honor of the artists son and was created entirely by spray paint.    Not far from it is another mural by Federico Archuleta:

This piece is a joint commission between Juaritos and Amor Por Juarez.  Both murals sit in choice locations for viewing and add some great color to the often forgotten backsides of buildings.  With so many industrial warehouses in the neighborhood, more murals such as these would really go a long way in helping establish the area as an art district.

Further down in the Union Depot area I found a couple of small paste/poster pieces:

As I continue to wander around downtown, I’ll keep posting up what I find.  There’s a lot out there waiting to be found.

3 thoughts on “More Outdoor Public Art”

  1. Make your way down into 3rd and Coles. You got 10 square blocks well aged public art you can blog 2. The bastard version of a now trendy Hipster plaque of arts districts. Get into the roots and trenches compas.Google meeting of styles and legal walls. On the world map.

  2. Fun facts from the Chuco vaults. Did you know before the arts district was even born in this warehouse area a local legend artist and his team had about 3/4 covered in public art? Yes its true. When club 101 stood solo and The great late Art Lewis played a humble lonesome sax at the corners of the Union Depot graffiti/public artist Grave Herrera worked to secure mur al space and began covering the drabnd decaying properties with color and big citytype aerosol art with artist like Pablo Luna and El Mac amongst other local artist. They where the front line grunts of no lime light. Yes a time frame where you so much put paint on a wall and the City hsd your ass lined up against it. Grave had vision and did these legal wall set ups through the city to beautify the community and give all public artist a chance to flex. It will be a cold day in hell before MCAD recognizes that.

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